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2015 Events of note!

Official March Meeting Agenda
Official March Meeting Agenda (doc format)

Upcoming Pup's Meeting!

Saturday June 13, 2015
Workshop: "TBD"
Elections will be held!
Kendall Park, NJ
Diane Kovalcin will be hosting this meeting.
Public Transport: Bus and call for pick up.

Upcoming Local Conventions:

RavenCon 2015
To be held April 24-26, 2015
Richmond, VA

Treklanta (Star Trek and other SF shows)
To be held April 24-26, 2015
Atlanta, GA

Chiller Theater (media)
To be held April 24-26, 2015
Hilton Parsippany, Parsippany, NJ

Days of the Wolf - Teen Wolf (Creation Con)
To be held April 25-26, 2015
Whippany, NJ

Tanoshiicon 2015 (manga, anime, tea party)
To be held April 25, 2015
West Chester, PA

ChaseCon Expo (media, cosplay, gaming)
To be held April 25, 2015
Saratoga, NY

Philadelphia Comic Con (Wizard World)
To be held May 7-10, 2015
Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Albacon 2014 ½
To be held May 8-10, 2015
Albany, NY

Watch City Festival
To be held March 29, 2015
Waltham, MA

Marty Gear 1939-June 18, 2013 RIP
(Memories of Marty Gear)

See the Events page for more upcoming exhibits and conventions. We are constantly updating!

Click "Memories" for our pictures of past events!
Click "Exhibits" for our pictures from museum and other exhibits!

and for something completely silly:

Lisa Ashton: The 12 Steps of Costuming

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New Jersey/New York Costumers' Guild is a non-profit amateur group specializing in the educational and social nature of all aspects of costuming. Historically, we were the third costume guild to form part of the International Costumers' Guild, Inc., founded in 1985. We hold bimonthly meetings which include business, socializing, and (usually) some sort of workshop.

Our members' interests include science ficton, fantasy, media, anime, and historical costumes. Some of our members also explore related arts, including millinery, embroidery, quilting, and more. Many of our members attend conventions, including Costume-Cons and World Science Fiction Conventions (Worldcons).

Our membership also includes technicians whose interests cover the running and support of Masquerades (theatrical costume competitions) at science fiction conventions in areas such as lighting, sound, stage management, makeup, backstage support, photography, and videography. We welcome new members!

The NJ/NY Costumers' Guild is affectionately nicknamed the Sick Pups, or (more formally) "The Sick Pups of Greater Monmouth County". While most of our members come from New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut, we have members from as far south as Georgia and as far west as Colorado. We interpret "Greater Monmouth Country" loosely and have members from all over the United States. Our mascot is Spaz (above left), the original Sick Pup.

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